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Baby Girl Bibs - All BIBS are $10.00

Baby Bibs - ABC

Baby girl bibs - Triple hearts

Baby Bibs - Little Angel

Baby bibs - Turtle

Baby Bibs - Cupcake

Baby Bibs - Puppy Dog

Baby Bibs - Ice Cream

Baby Bibs - Lil Shopper

Baby Bibs - Ballet Slippers

Baby Bibs - Flower

Baby Bibs - Lace Heart

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All of our Bibs are easy care, machine wash warm & tumble dry. Our client's have commented on how well made,
durable & how well our Bibs hold up. They are impressed on how new they look like, even after, hundreds of washings.
Some of our clients have even commented that our bibs have serviced more than one child.

To place your order,
please call Jan at
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